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Its funny:
how hello is always followed with goodbye,
how good memories can make you want to cry,
how forever never seems to last,
much you'd lose if you forgot about your past,
'friends' can just leave you when you're down,
when you need someone they're never around,
people change and think they're so much better,
many lies are packed into one 'love letter'
people forgive, even though they can't forget,
one night can contain so much regret,
ironic life turns out to be,
But the funniest thing of all?
None of that's funny to me.
~Some Random Facts about me~

i love to hang out and help out even if im pretty much useless
Im pretty weird and random at times other times im pretty chill

Sometimes i ll be pretty quiet but a lot of times im pretty loud if i no u pretty well

I cant stand people who : lie, mess with my friends, and dont no how to shut up -____-

im a lazy person even if i do some sort of physical activities at times

I love animals, meeting new people (most of the time ), reading (books
and manga), anime, music, having fun ect...

I dont let things get me down even even if its some pretty bad shit i always find away back up :p
Search: XxXStoryOfMyLife


Sam is a wolf with a few secrets with little to none who know. First of all she has a different mother from her brother. Her fathers mate died before she was born and he ended up with her mother who gave birth to her, who by the way died giving birth. It happens right? Well turns out her mother wasn't a wolf but a vampire so she's a bit different from the others. Who knows this? Just her father, brother, her mate Ace and herself. Second of all she has a vampire mate. Going back and forth to see each other really isn't aloud. It's not that they are enemy's but vampires and wolfs don't mix and as a result they stay to themselves. Who knows this? No one just Ace and Sam. Lastly but certainly not least she meets an alpha during a yearly gathering who turns out to be her second mate? It's untold of to have more then one and it's even rare to find a mate in the first place so what the chance. The problem is she seems to have a stronger bond to him and he already claims to have a mate. Who knows this? As far as she knows just her.

So if this sounds intriguing come check it :) just search for my user XxXStoryOfMyLife and it's the only story on there.

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